I love being in love with you my darling love

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update on life

So life has been pretty good! Dawn had 5 amazing days off and it was so nice to just be lazy with my lover!! But it's back to real life as we know it!

We are putting 50.00 aside every week so I can go home for my Nephews graduation in May! It's really tight doing so but it's totally worth it!

I cannot believe how expensive it is to travel! We definitely couldn't afford to fly or take the train so we will taking the mighty uncomfortable bus.. I'm gonna need a complete body massage afterwards lol!

So I'm probably the most clumsy person alive! I was doing dishes and the glass decided to break! Sliced my pinky finger open pretty deep.. I didn't go to the ER because I'm up to date on tetanus and all that!

But other than the silly cut life is good and I have no complaints! I'm happy, and in love! Hope all is well!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blogger on my IPhone

So I decided to download blogger for my phone! It's pretty neat! I'm still trying to figure it out though.. I hope everyone has had a beautiful and great weekend!

I also decided to enter Wedding, Wedding Planning, Same Sex Wedding Planning into the App Store search engine and I found A LOT of great apps that will be so helpful and beneficial to planning this wedding!

Dawn and I are still contemplating what date to chose.. Our Anniversary is July 4th 2008.. Do we pick this date? Or keep that as a special date when we fell in love? I don't really want a fall/winter wedding because it gets really cold here..

I guess the closest I'd come to fall would be September.. Ugh idk! I'm tired of thinking about this wedding planning crap! Lol good night!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WHomp WHomp..

So I had a conference call with my lawyer today.. I love my lawyers! They are by far the best lawyers god has blessed me with. Even if I feel like I'm asking a stupid question they always answer with such kindness..

We talked about my case and what the workers compensation doctor has reported what "HE THINKS" and all that bs. Well it boils down to my doctors opinions is what matters. I know that I can't stand for more than 5-20 minutes without severe pain in my entire back and neck. My right leg is always tingling or numb! I fall allllll the time due to numbness or weakness.

We're constantly having to send this report in and play a waiting game to have anything done for my injuries.. It's so annoying and time consuming but I have faith in my lawyers 100%!! But here we go again with going back to court. Not a favorite but I'm sticking it out.

I want to not feel pain everyday. I want to be able to sleep on any side I want other than one side or on my back! I miss so desperately sleeping on my stomach! But I sometimes end up on my stomach and omg can I just tell you that I am in so much pain I literally cannot move for a good 30 minutes to an hour.. And that's just to turn over onto the side I CAN sleep on.

I don't even type my blogs. I talk through my mic and it thankfully does a pretty good job for me.. Except for when my mic decides to go out on me lol.. I'm constantly having anxiety attacks scared that I will never be able to be "normal" again. And dealing with all of this stress doesn't help with my anxiety at all! And don't get me started on my chest pains! haha.. Anyways there's my thought and complaint about Workers Comp!

I want to thank you my lawyers and their teams for standing by my side..

Wedding.. Wedding Wedding!

Ok this is a lot of stress and I honestly don't know how we're going to do this wedding business lol. I wish we had a nice back yard to have our wedding at. It'd be really nice.. But we don't. And we have family that does but it's an hour and a half up northern New York..

Should we use their property and just invite people to see if they'll show up or what? Oh I don't know. I know that we need to get on the ball of planning this wedding! And we definitely need to get on the ball of setting a for sure date and saving up more money!

We are on a very very tight budget and that's not helpful what so ever when it comes to planning a wedding. So we'll have to downsize our list! We won't be able to pay for peoples hotels/motel stays. They'll have to take care of that them selves. Does that make me a bad bride or person?

A lot of places around here won't even hear of having a same sex wedding at their venue and that really upsets me and bothers me. But I'm supposed to just accept that as well right?

I just really wished that something or someone would say hey i'm close buy use my place at no charge and who cares if you're a lesbian. But lesbionest about that one lol. Too many close minded people in this world that is for sure!

Dawn's grandma wants us to do it in her back yard but I don't think so.. It's sadly a nice yard but it's a mess. There are people there that like to ruin things and just trash things. It's sad. You ask them to keep up with it and stop doing the things they are doing to ruin the yard but they don't care! It has nothing to do with them so why should they right? HA!

I'm starting to think we should just dress up in our dresses and walk our happy selves down to the Justice of Peace ( it's literally right down the street from my house) and get married then throw a reception/party afterwards. BYOB? Too redneck? Well I don't care lol. I'm an okie and I said Bring Your Own Beer if you wanna party it up! It's not a party to us. It's a day of becoming one and celebrating that we're able to do so in the state of New York!

Any tips or ideas? Would it be terrible to use paper plates if we're having a summer wedding and doing a cook out thing? Oh I need some guidance and help because lord knows I (Aleasha) will be planning and doing everything. I just need help. Is that too much to ask of or for?

Sorry for being a baby. I'm just stressing about how to go about the wedding. I can't even think of a theme or idea on how to come up with one.? Gay Pride wedding? Too tacky? HELP HELP HELP!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Here goes to wedding planning! AGAIN!


    So we weren't able to get married last year because NOTHING was working out at all! Everything was getting in our way or nothing was working out and we just said ENOUGH! It was obviously not meant to get married yet. So we will for sure be saying I Do this year! I don't care if it's at just the Justice of peace tbh lol. But of course I want a wedding. I'm a girl! Come on! lol

   I've got a book called: Wedding Planning for Dummies lol.. Yes they made a book just for that! And I'm also using Pinterest for inspiration as well. We don't come from money what so ever so we're going to be paying for everything and funding everything. It'll be tight and a challenge but totally worth it in the end.

   I do plan on going to Micheal's again to start stocking up on wedding supplies. I'll write a blog about what we need and everything else.

   Seeing we're a same sex couple trying to have a same sex wedding in the state of NEW YORK where it is officially LEGAL! YAY US! We'd love to hear some ideas. Maybe y'all know of vendors that'd help donate their services to us since we don't come from that much money. Anything donated would be used and greatly appreciated that's for sure!

   We need to sit down and make an OFFICIAL wedding date and stick to it! I don't want to yo yo on dates again. I really was embarrassed that we kept changing the date and everything and I just don't want to deal with it. If people can't come or have to work then that's their problem. We're choosing a date and sticking to it. Our biggest problem was planning around everyone else's lives and we simply just can't please everyone!

   That being said we understand times are hard and people have to keep working or can't afford to take off of work and that's 100% completely understandable! Would we really like for you to be apart of our special day? Of course we would but we're not going to throw a fit over anyone not being able to come. Because in the end it boils down to it's OUR day.. Not EVERYONE elses day. Right? Right!

   I'm very excited to start planning again! Tomorrow I'll go through the items we need and write up a blog for y'all. Have a great week!

Ok ok ok.. So lol.

Dawn and I have busy lives and it's really hard to find the umph or time to blog. I'll do a short recap from January 2nd up to now. :) Try my best that is lol.

January 2nd 2013-January 8th 2013;

 We had to go back to Dawns work and where she works is just crazy! It's literally like a roller coaster ride of mixed emotions and stress! We went to her job and of course not knowing what to ever expect is a little on edge of an anxiety attack! One day the lady she takes care of is sweet as apple pie and then she's sourer than air heads! But that's to be expected. Especially when she has to deal with a son that is always annoying lol.

So what we've learned on how to deal. Even though we have days that we want to just walk away we need for Dawn to have this job. I'm stuck on workers compensation due to an injury back in 2010. So we now have this out look of we just don't give a damn. Just smile and nod and agree then do the job and leave. That's all you can do. Even if you don't agree it's not worth the argument at all!!! Don't think that we're being cowards to not voice our opinions at all! When you are dealing with "rich" people they think they know EVERYTHING! And we all know they're idiotic jerk faces lol. But back to we aren't cowards at all! If he starts his bs we put him right in his place and tell him to back off. I'm not sure he knows how to handle it but he can deal. With her it's been pretty pleasant and enjoyable to be there since we've had a new outlook and just go with the flow.

Maybe it's not the best out look in the situation and maybe we should walk away but like I said earlier we can't! Especially when our 2nd month cell phone bill was $209.00!!!!! I only get 100.00 weekly with my workers compensation. And Dawn makes 50.00 a day M-F.. We're learning how to budget and spend out money.. It's hard but we're getting there. So this week we had to pay our cell phone bill leaving us with literally 30 dollars to our name for the week. Lets home and pray that I'm getting a check this week some time lol.

So the first week and a half of the new year hasn't been that bad. Just trying to stay on a positive outlook on everything! Yes it can get hard that's for sure but just have to say this is OUR year! I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1st 2013.. Here we go!!

So here goes another year.. I want to welcome 2013 with open arms. Live and Love life to the fullest that needs to be lived! Dawn and I didn't get to get married last year (2012) and that's ok. That just means we're meant to be married this year. Now to pick out a date is another issue to deal with! All I know is I want it simple, romantic and full of laughter and happiness! 

2013 will be full of changes for us both. Moving to where our hearts desire us to move to, Settling into a new home that is OUR OWN home! And then once we're settled we'll begin TTC (trying to conceive) once again. We've had to put this on hold due to our living situations, jobs, and life style in New York. 

I want to blog every day of this year.. I will try my hardest to make time to blog. Maybe even have Dawn write an entry or two here and there :) 

We are so excited for many beautiful life experience's to come to us and wish everyone a beautiful enriched year to come! Happy New Year!