I love being in love with you my darling love

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update on life

So life has been pretty good! Dawn had 5 amazing days off and it was so nice to just be lazy with my lover!! But it's back to real life as we know it!

We are putting 50.00 aside every week so I can go home for my Nephews graduation in May! It's really tight doing so but it's totally worth it!

I cannot believe how expensive it is to travel! We definitely couldn't afford to fly or take the train so we will taking the mighty uncomfortable bus.. I'm gonna need a complete body massage afterwards lol!

So I'm probably the most clumsy person alive! I was doing dishes and the glass decided to break! Sliced my pinky finger open pretty deep.. I didn't go to the ER because I'm up to date on tetanus and all that!

But other than the silly cut life is good and I have no complaints! I'm happy, and in love! Hope all is well!


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